Trollishly: How To Use TikTok Translation Features?


Since the advent of social media, you can see unity in the culture, widening accessibility, and neglecting diversity. Therefore, it is no surprise that TikTok is also the same. With TikTok, you can easily get connected with people from worldwide. It happens within seconds. Undoubtedly, it breaks the language barrier as people worldwide can see videos in different languages. Nowadays, people are much interested in watching videos in other languages. 

Over time, people begin to understand the statements when they watch specific language videos. But for beginners, it may not seem easy. So to break this phenomenon, TikTok has now come out with translation features. Creators can make the best use of these translation services and shall increase their visibility. Moreover, if you are planning to boost your engagement, you can opt to buy tiktok shares and outshine the competition. 

Let us discuss more in detail how to use TikTok translation features effectively. Let’s begin!

TikTok Translation And Accessibility

TikTok recently announced the introduction of translation tools for comments, captions, subtitles, etc., The translation will help the content get more accessibility and reach a broader audience base. The feature is now established to support languages like English, Portuguese, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish and Turkish. The translation service is expected to be available in other languages shortly. Moreover, if you are seeking quick fame, leverage Trollishly and upgrade your position on TikTok. 

Everyday TikTok allows an opportunity to learn and explore every day without any limits. Not only comments and captions but even the text stickers can be changed to different languages. Isn’t it quite interesting? It is a must creator, and marketers should be aware of these new features. They can also try these updates in the upcoming videos. TikTok also says this option will be available only on selected videos for some time. 

What Is TikTok Auto-Translation? How To Turn It On? 

TikTok auto-translation is nothing but an option that automatically translates your contents into your desired languages. TikTokers can turn on this auto-translation feature within the settings menu. Follow the simple instructions to enable the auto- translations in TikTok

  • Go to your TikTok profile, and tap on the three horizontal lines on the top right corner of the screen. 
  • Then enter ‘settings’ and click on ‘languages.’ 
  • Now swipe the gray button to blue, and the feature is on. 
  • If you need to choose a different language, tap on ‘ translation language’ and select the desired language you want to know the content. Hurrah! Now you can see the videos with more content clarity. 

How To Translate Captions In TikTok? 

If a creator posts a video, they should enable auto-generated captions. It will be helpful where users themselves can automatically translate captions on their mobile. In the past, many users transcribe TikTok videos through third-party apps or other services. Now both the viewers and creators can save more money and time. 

TikTok Comments And Language Complications

Any creator wants to know the comments given by the viewers. They need to know their opinions about what their audience thinks about their videos. However, as creators or users scroll down the comments and suddenly don’t understand them, the comments will not get any value. 

How To Translate Comments On TikTok? 

  • Open your TikTok account and open the video. Move on to the comments section and scroll down the comments. 
  • Get to the one you need to translate and press on the comment for a more extended period. You could see a menu popping up. It will give include options like copy, translate and report action. 
  • Select the option ‘translate,’ and now the comment will be translated into the default language that you have set in the TikTok app. 

Other New Features You Need To Know On TikTok

As the dynamics of the app are changing continuously, TikTok never stops with updates and features. Have a glimpse of other new features on TikTok.

Screen time breaks: To prevent being overly focussed on TikTok, the app offers the option ‘screen time breaks’. It allows setting the reminder for 30 minutes, and it notifies as per the schedule. You can balance your screen time and can able to use the app with perfection. However, you can also change the schedule timing. 

Post view history: For better understanding and insights, TikTok has recently launched the post view history feature. This feature will give insights into the user’s activity. This feature is now fully implemented in all TikTok profiles at any location. In addition, this option provides the time gap of your previous posts, i.e., the number of posts you have posted in a month. 


For businesses or creators to step on to the next level, accessibility is a more vital factor. If TikTok gives you opportunities, then go for it. It is not simple to earn success on TikTok. You can also try using Trollishly and succeed in your marketing strategies. We hope the article gives you inspiring ideas about the new translation features. Leave your comments below after reading the article!

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