Is It the Right Time To Buy Cryptocurrency?


Bitcoins have been on the plunge in today’s world. That is why, with all the attentions in the trade market, it is facing terrible ups and downs recently.  The decreases follow relative price movements from a couple of months ago. Check out this link:

After a weekend during which the crypto market dropped over $250 billion and U.S. cryptocurrency bank Celsius Networks banned all transactions, bitcoin prices have dropped under 9% in the past 24 hours to $20,000. Thus, all the crypto investors out there are suffering from a simple confusion, they are not sure whether it is the right time to drop their hard earned money in the crypto investments or not. If you are suffering from similar confusions, then keeping an eye on the following article can help you get rid of your doubts.

What is the hype about the Dip?

The tenet of “dip” is predicated on the idea that price declines are temporary aberrations that eventually correct themselves. Plunge buyers aim to take advantage of dips by purchasing at a comparative discount and profiting when prices increase.

It’s perilous to purchase cryptocurrencies anywhere at a price, let alone a trend that could turn out to be a historical pattern due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets. Prices might go back to where they were, but they also drop significantly more, leaving the asset in the red.

If history indicates, this dip may recover like it did the previous year while prices dropped to a comparable scale before rising to levels or even peaking in the fall. Naturally, though, they might not.

For instance, up to now, bitcoin values have demonstrated some seasonality, declining in value to varying degrees in April before rising again in the mid-spring. However, past results are not an indicator of future outcomes, just like any investment or just one as volatile as cryptocurrency.

 What is the best time for investing in Cryptocurrencies?

If you go by logic, then there is no perfect time to invest in cryptocurrencies due to the volatile nature of the trade market. However, if you at all want to take a profitable return, then you can deal with the same after observing the crypto tech chart. If you notice the candles to going steady and green, then hop over and grab the opportunity of grand investment returns at ease.

Things to Remember Before Investing

  • Entry Point

Doing Dollar Cost Averaging is a tried-and-true technique for controlling entrance points (DCA). DCA is a simple investment method that is effective regardless of the asset’s current price. Under DCA, investors divide the investing pool and make periodic purchases of assets. Given that it would preclude an entrance at a particular price point, this method reduces the danger of volatility.

  • Exit sign

Entry points offer chances to expand a portfolio, but exits can be when profits are made. Once a specific price target is attained in the future, every investor must exercise caution and withdraw their principal and some profits made along the road. Consider making another entry if the market enters a bearish phase to realize future gains.

Things to Accept While Trading

Investors must accept the volatility of cryptocurrency trade market. Furthermore, according to renowned investors, the inherently risky asset is still not sorely tested in a situation like the one where present investors are  in right now, when lending rates are expected to climb.

You should accept that the value of cryptocurrency will continue to decline, so only invest money that you can quickly lose.

Both experts emphasized the significance of having a solid personal financial status and a clear investment strategy before investing money in cryptocurrencies.

It’s Never Too Late To Invest

Buyers in bitcoin had a successful weekend in October. The cost of virtual money rose to unprecedented heights, and the price of bitcoin has increased by 50% in a single month. Following the unexpected increase, a group of 50 cryptocurrency specialists forecasted  that the bitcoin price will rise steadily through 2021. It’s not the first time that analysts have made a prediction this colossal and delicious topic. The circumstances and predictions illustrate that cryptocurrency price or perhaps the market direction is not related to investing. Therefore, it’s still too early to purchase bitcoin now.


Investing in cryptocurrency is never too late. It is advised to consult some professional before you make any decision. Doing proper research and speculation based on data will help you to manage your losses and earn more profit. Most traders love to trade on Bitcoin Prime because of its high security and easy user interface.



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