Busting Common Myths of Cryptocurrency


Sometimes it could be challenging to tell the difference between truth and fiction. Bitcoin Loophole arena might seem to be a small one with easy to understand logics. Crypto realm is one of the widest and hard to understand concept if you are a rookie in the field. However, you must not get scared of its regular concepts because it is a case sensitive platform. In simple words, even the slightest news on the social media platforms or television news can shake the trade market in a snap of moments because of its high level volatility factor.

But besides everything, you must not forget the fact that every concept and every negative news cannot be true about such a diligent trade market where millions of people from all around the globe put their money at stake. Thus, it is finally time to clear the clouds of confusion by figuring out the myths and the facts about cryptocurrencies.

 Bitcoin does not have real life uses Many a people believe that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins do not have any real life application and they only exist in the virtual world because one cannot touch or feel it. Both of those claims are untrue. Bitcoin has a rich history of being used to accept money from anyone worldwide without needing a bank or financial processor. Central investment banks are also increasingly employing it as an inflation hedge.

Cryptocurrency Doesn’t Have Any Value.

For instance, the first currency, Bitcoins, was only worth a few thousand bucks when it was initially introduced in 2009. As its acceptance grew, the price of a single Bitcoin surpassed $70,000 in 2021. With every passing day, the value of such popular cryptocurrencies are rising and continuing to win millions of hearts in reality.

Ethereum is the foundation for non-fungible tokens, decentralized financial services software, and other technological advances in owning crypto assets. Cryptocurrency controls the blockchain ecosystem that underpins the cryptocurrency Ether (ETH). Ethereum might not have the same cash worth as Bitcoin, but it has considerably more value due to its usefulness and potential.

 Questions upon the safety of Cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrencies stand out to be safer than the fiat currencies at instances. It mainly happens due to the fact that cryptocurrencies have got a special bonding with the blockchain technologies. Transaction history information is secure and stored in larger units as payments are added to the blockchain’s nodes.

It is impossible to modify data in the network to “rob” cryptocurrency because of encryption, connected blocks, and approval procedures.

Cryptocurrency Is Used For Illegal Purposes

However, most cryptocurrency transactions are carried out with legally sound intentions. However, criminal individuals have already been suspected of taking advantage of cryptocurrencies. Governments around the globe are trying to crack down on the usage of digital currencies by structured gangs and criminals, and numerous governments have taken steps to combat this by setting up specialized organizations and teams.

Crypto Is Unregulated

According to a widespread misconception, even while Coinbase is publicly listed and subject to SEC oversight, the currency investors store it is unregulated. In actuality, the SEC stated that it was tripling the number of employees responsible for safeguarding traders in cryptocurrency marketplaces at the beginning of May.

As per NextAdvisor, proposed tax crypto laws were incorporated into the $1.5 trillion bipartisan reform program President Biden passed late last year. The article also mentioned that the federal government is strongly contemplating launching its own digital money and that more stringent regulation of stablecoins is almost certainly coming soon.

Crypto Transactions Are Anonymous

The initial link between cryptocurrency and crime and the seedy parts of the web was just another deterrent for average investors. The idea is that since crypto is untraceable, users might perform covert transfers that banking institutions, government agencies, and police departments are unable to track. This is why crypto has always been so popular among less respectable aspects of society.

That is untrue, as the authorities demonstrated when they recovered money in return after the Colonial Pipeline breach. Almost all transactions transform cryptocurrency into fiat money at the point of exchange, if not permanently. Even though cryptocurrency transactions are not directly associated with identities, this leaves the paper record.


These were a few of the most frequently asked-about myths about crypto exchanges and cryptocurrencies. Always verify the information and only take action if necessary if you encounter any such myths. Most traders love to trade their bitcoin on Bitcoin Billionaire for its user-friendly interface and transparency.


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