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With the release of the new iPhon 6S Plus, the apple iphone has been replaced by the iphone 6S Plus.

The new iPhone was a huge hit, but the new iphone is rumored to be a bigger disappointment since it has a bigger screen, a bigger battery, and a more expensive price tag. A lot of people are wondering (including us) if Apple is just dumping an iPhone on us and making up a newer model for the same price. While that may be true, I don’t think we can afford to wait around for it to finally be announced.

We are not the only ones thinking that. Most people who have an iphone think that the 6S Plus is just a big downgrade from the current iphone, and that the iPhone 12 Pro will be just a better phone. While I’m not the biggest fan of the iPhone 6S Plus, there are a lot of people who are. I will say this though, the iPhone 12 Pro does look really nice.

I would argue that people who are just looking for a more polished look for their iPhone 6S Plus need not worry though. The iPhone 12 Pro has a new glass back, more vibrant colors, and a better screen. While the 6S Plus is a bit more of a downgrade, it is still an upgrade. It is not a downgrade enough for the iPhone 6S Plus to have the same advantage of a slightly better screen. It is just too expensive to take into consideration.

It’s a little too easy to throw the 6S Plus in the “not worth it” pile. It’s way cheaper than the 6S, and I wouldn’t personally buy it if I wasn’t able to get the 6S Plus. Plus, it has a bigger screen and it looks more polished and modern. It’s not a downgrade, but the trade-off is being an extra $100 more expensive.

You can take the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus and throw them together into a $400 phone. That would be $300 less than that of the iPhone 6, and $200 more expensive than the iPhone 6 Plus. Both phones are good phones, both have their pros and cons, but with the plus, you get a bigger screen, better camera, faster processor, and a bigger battery.

iPhone 6S Plus? You don’t get to choose your own screen size. You can’t choose your phone’s camera. The smaller screen allows more room for apps and games. The bigger screen makes it easier to text, but it also makes it harder to get something interesting to write on. You can’t choose your processor speed either, but you can make it faster by upgrading your phone.

With the iPhone 12 Pro you can choose your screen size, processor speed, and camera settings. You can also choose your phone’s battery life and get a bigger battery, so it lasts longer. You can choose which apps you can run on your phone, some of which run more efficiently on the larger screen.

Apple has made it a little more difficult to choose between the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 12, they made it much harder to upgrade your phone.

Apple’s decision to make the iPhone 12 and iPhone 6S look similar is probably a good thing, since both models have the same screen size, the same processor speed, and the same camera settings.

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