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The shortcut bar in the Facebook app contains icons that provide you access to many pages and functions in one place. This bar will be at the top for Android users and at the bottom for iPhone users. On desktop browsers, it can also be seen at the top of the Facebook page. Since you don’t have to go through a menu to find what you’re looking for, using the Facebook shortcuts bar makes navigation quick and simple. So if you want to browse Facebook for your marketing needs, it is now so easy to use. Apart from that, if you want to buy TikTok followers, views and likes, TiktokStorm can be your first choice. 

Later on, we’ll explain how to hide and enable the notification dots and remove and re-add the majority of the shortcuts. Let’s start by taking a look at the shortcuts that Facebook might choose to see in the shortcut bar.

Facebook’s algorithm determines which shortcuts appear in your menu

Facebook makes its shortcut selections based on several factors, including the app’s performance and user behavior. For example, if you use an app frequently and are more likely to click on a link in a notification than other links, then the shortcut may be placed at the top of the menu.

The company also looks at what other apps are doing. If another social media platform has a similar feature, it will push that over to Facebook.

If you’re using an app that has a lot of shortcuts on it, but you’re not using them very much, then Facebook will choose a different set of shortcuts for you.

Ways to Choose Your Shortcuts From Facebook

Fortunately, you have a few options for altering the shortcuts tab to make navigation easier. What you need to know about these icons and how to select your Facebook app shortcuts is provided below.

1. Homepage

The Homepage is shown with a house icon as the first shortcut to the left. Your Newsfeed can be accessed from here. You can’t get rid of this shortcut.

2. Settings

You may quickly access items like saved posts, events, and some of the Facebook shortcuts that are also accessible through the shortcuts bar by clicking the settings icon, which is located on the far right of the screen. This Settings page offers a number of menu tabs from which you can modify the app’s settings. This tab cannot be deleted since it is necessary.

3. Notifications

The Notifications tab is indicated with a bell. All of your notifications, including those for comments, likes, shares, requests to like pages, and birthday reminders, can be found here if you have them enabled. It is also impossible to delete this tab.

4. Profile

You may access your profile and all of your postings by clicking on the Profile shortcut, which is represented by a circular avatar icon. You can get rid of it, and if you do, the hamburger symbol on the Settings page will still let you access your profile.

5. Friends

A picture of two people represents the Friends shortcut. Here you may see every friend request you’ve received and every person who has been suggested to add. You’ll receive alerts of friend requests on the Notifications tab if you delete the tab.

6. Marketplace

You may find, purchase, and sell products on the Facebook Marketplace shortcut, which is symbolized by a tent icon. You can filter through particular objects using its own list of parameters. Listings will initially be based on your location, but you can modify that.

7. Groups

Facebook Groups creates a single feed for all the content from the groups you are a part of. You’ll notice some suggested groups here, much like the suggestions that appear on your regular feed. It is a three-person, circular icon that is removable.

8. Watch

Watch suggested videos from creators who you think you would enjoy. It has a removable, rectangular play button icon.

Bottom Lines

It’s not clear how often Facebook automatically updates this backup shortcut list. We know that it doesn’t happen constantly because the list of shortcuts is different when you log out, come back later, and log in again. However, new names are probably added infrequently, rather than every time you make a new friend or connection.

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