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The fjallbo is my favorite piece of Norwegian furniture from my childhood. It was a very small piece of Danish furniture, but it was so big that I was always trying to grab it. At the time I had gotten it, I found the pieces in my parents’ house and they were just so big.

If you’ve ever traveled to the Norwegian countryside, you might have seen these little pieces of furniture. There are thousands of them, and they are just too big to be used as bedroom furniture. But they were so cheap and plentiful that they were perfect for a family to use for a housewarming or a weekend getaway.

This is the housewarming that I remember the most. The family had lived in it for years, so they were used to having visitors, so they were all very welcoming to the new family that had moved into the house. Everyone was excited to see the new family, and the family was a bit nervous about it too. The guest of honor was a girl named Inga who had been friends with the family for a long time.

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