How to Sell 500hz monitor to a Skeptic


I have a 500hz monitor, but I’m the first to admit I don’t keep it running 24/7. I only use it to check email, which is usually done within 30 minutes of waking, usually using a screen saver.

500hz is a very common term for a monitor that has a resolution of 500×600 pixels, or about 1.2 million pixels. It’s a big monitor.

I use the monitor to check emails, even if I have no idea why.

If you don’t know what 500hz is, you don’t know what you are missing. It’s part of what Google is calling a “Super HDTV”. 500hz is the name that all the big TV manufacturers (Sony, LG, Vizio, etc.) have given to their monitors that have much more pixels than your typical 1080i monitor. It’s not a high resolution monitor, but it’s certainly higher resolution than a typical 1080i.

The point is that 500hz monitors are a lot more expensive than their 1080i counterparts. So if you have 500hz and you are looking for a monitor with 1000 pixels of resolution, well, then you better be prepared to pay a lot more. Of course, if you already paid $500 for a 1080i monitor, then you really have nothing to worry about.

Like the people who were able to get a lot of pixels onto their monitors, 500hz monitors are also more expensive than their 1080i counterparts. So if you already paid 500-600 for a 1080i monitor, then you should definitely be prepared to pay $100-$200 for a 500hz monitor.

You shouldn’t be spending so much time and money on a 500hz monitor, but instead of spending more time and money on a 1080i monitor that has a lot more pixels, you should be paying more for 500hz monitors. That’s what 500hz monitors are for, right? Sure, like I said, like it makes sense that 500hz monitors are better, but that’s the fact that 500hz monitors are better.

500hz monitors are still incredibly expensive, but if you can afford them, you should definitely consider getting a 500hz monitor. On the flip side, if youre just getting a 1080i monitor, then you shouldnt be too concerned about how much it cost to get a 500hz monitor. You’re probably going to get a decent quality 500hz monitor, no matter what.

For those who are interested, here’s what 500hz monitors have to offer.

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