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It’s no surprise that games built on the blockchain are gaining traction. When you include the opportunity to make money while you have fun, you have a winning combination. One of the most intriguing NFT developments to date is the play-to-earn crypto games, which enables you to make a tidy sum while having a great time. Let’s get right in and discover the top NFT P2E games of 2023.

What 2023 Games Are the Best Bet for Making Money at NFT?

Depending on your tastes, there are a variety of NFT games from which to choose. NFT P2E games are not that unlike regular video games; each has its own specific needs, play styles, and genres. To that end, we’re certain that you’ll discover your soulmate among our selections.

Read on for in-depth analyses of the following eight of 2023’s finest NFT play-to-win titles:


A cutting-edge NFT metagame built with Web 3.0 in mind, exceeding many play to earn NFT games Chainers is a great way to kill some time. Imagine a world where your imagination has no limits, and you can get lost in immersive gaming while also designing your surroundings and creating your own games.

The most important thing to remember about the game is:

  • A massively multiplayer online game that is both free to play and free to begin.
  • Exclusive gameplay that shares a narrative with other players.
  • The inventive method of running the economy
  • Chainers is a game that is played in a web browser. There is absolutely no need to download anything!

2. Lucky Block

The Lucky Block NFT is a great choice if you want to be paid for owning non-fungible tokens (NFTs). You may join several contests for the chance to win very desired prizes (like $1 million in Bitcoin or a Lamborghini) by investing in Lucky Block NFTs. Additionally, even after the competition is ended, NFT holders continue to get daily incentives for as long as they maintain their NFT holdings.


You may get your hands on Lucky Block NFTs in a quick and straightforward manner. To participate in a competition, visit the official website and then use NFTlaunchpad to purchase the NFT for that particular competition. In the event that you choose a competition, you will immediately be entered into it.

Finally, if you have enough equal NFTs, you may join the Platinum Rollers Club. Become a member, and you’ll be eligible to participate in exclusive contests at no cost. Lucky Block NFT is a competition platform where you may win a wide variety of freebies and prizes without having to put in a ton of effort.

3. Axie Infinity

Next up on our list of play-to-earn games is one of the most played web3 games all over the world: Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity, released at the beginning of 2018, is a straightforward Ethereum-based game in which players gather virtual pets known as Axies. These Axies are the game’s equivalent of NFTs, and may be mined for profit.

Since you can breed Axies, create communities, and more, the gameplay itself is a rather essential part of this project as well. For starters, you’ll need to spend some money for the AXS tokens in order to play Axie Infinity.

To be sure, Axie Infinity did take a serious hit in the middle of 2022. During that time, investments in Axie were very risky since the SLP game token dropped 99% of its peak value. You may want to look for another NFT play-to-earn game despite the cuteness of the dogs.

4. Cryptokitties 

Even more impressive is that Cryptokitties debuted in 2017; that’s a full year before the current NFT frenzy began. Consequently, it’s a long-running blockchain game built on the Ethereum platform where players may buy, sell, and trade digital cats. These feline friends are the game’s NFTs; they’re one-of-a-kind and fetch exorbitant prices on the open market.

The game’s lack of a defined goal may turn off players. Creating unique offspring increases the species’ value. This game is a backdoor to producing NFT art.

Cryptokitties may be a good play-to-earn NFT if you put in the hours. One Cryptokitty cost over $1 million. What a great ROI for a cat-breeding game!

5. Gods Unchained

To make money, Gods Unchained is one of the few really free-to-play NFT games. Almost all the others want you to put up money initially. Money is not required to generate money in Gods Unchained. Fans of Magic: The Gathering will find a lot to like in this card game.

Gods Unchained favors skill above luck and allows you to level up based on your level. Gods isn’t a standard pay-to-win game since it requires more than luck to win. Gods Unchained rewards strategic players.

NFTs are playing pieces in a card game. Each one has distinct traits, talents, and weaknesses, and its performance may be improved by GODS. Immutable X lists NFTs for buying, selling, and trading.


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