samsung galaxy note 5 vs note 3: Expectations vs. Reality


This article was written with the assumption that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are the same phone. Obviously, this is not the case, and they are quite different. If you own a Note 3, the best you can hope for is that it is similar to the Note 5. If you own a Note 5, you want it to be a bit better than the Note 3.

If you still have a Note 3, you should still be able to find a Galaxy Note 5, and you should know that the two are almost identical in every way except for the color. The big difference is in the camera and the software that Samsung has used to try to make them look identical.

I used the example of the Note 3 to talk about the Note 5. That same problem exists here. Samsung has managed to make one phone look like the other, and that’s not even the problem. The problem is that Samsung has chosen to make the Note 5 very similar to the Note 3, while the Note 3 is different. Because of this, there’s a huge difference of appearance between the two phones.

They’ve managed to make the Note 4 look like the Note 3, but they’ve gone to the trouble of getting it to look as similar as possible, while keeping the Note 3’s distinct enough to separate them from their siblings.

The problem is that while both phones are nearly identical, the Note 4 has two different cases, the phone itself, and the phone dock. That means the phone is significantly different from the Note 3. It also means it takes up less space on the device, and is less likely to be dropped, and its screen measures slightly differently. The Galaxy Note 5 doesn’t have the same cases; the only difference is the battery, which is now a bit larger.

The design of the Galaxy Note 5 is very similar to the Note 3. The difference is that the Note 4 has a slightly longer battery (1300mAh) so it’s slightly more convenient. The Note 5 is a bit more compact and lighter, but still has a thicker screen.

And even though the Galaxy Note 5 is the more expensive device, it doesnt cost as much to buy. The Galaxy Note 5 is still a very good purchase and if you like how the design looks, its not a bad phone either. The Galaxy Note 5 is less expensive than the Note 4 so you can buy at least two devices before it becomes a waste of money.

It’s a good thing Samsung’s making such a good phone. If you buy an Android device, you’ll probably like the hardware and software more than you would the Android operating system. The Galaxy Note 5 has similar features with the Galaxy Note 3 in a tablet form factor, so it’s a good buy for casual use. If you want a smart phone, though, you’re going to want a better phone than the Note 3 to begin with.

The Note 3 comes with a fingerprint scanner, which is a good feature but not essential. The Note 5 features a rear-facing fingerprint scanner, which is a must-have feature on any phone. And like its successor, the Note 5 has a better camera than the Note 3. If you want to go back to the basics and get a Galaxy Note 5, then you wont find one for less than $400.

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