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Resume Parts

To start and manage a small business takes skills. You have to be seriously motivated and organized. Your goals must be clear and attainable, considering your situation and capabilities to run a business. The result of your business does not matter as long as you learn from all your successes and mistakes. With this in mind, can you mention your startups or businesses in your resume when applying for a job? Traditional resume templates comprise of educational background, job experience, and skills. The skills, knowledge, and experience you have gained from your startup or business are accounted for as job experience. Therefore, you should mention them in your resume. 


Listing and mentioning your startup or business can significantly benefit you, especially if you wish to work as an employee with a business role. It can highlight and demonstrate things you have gained when working with said business, such as:

  • Being a good leader and a team player that can manage multiple personnel at a time
  • Having the determination to achieve set goals considering the capabilities of everyone
  • Fast and critical-thinking
  • Able to read the situation and improvise 

You can list other skills and experiences you have gained when managing the startup or business, as long as it is relevant to the job you are applying for. 

How & When to Mention Your Business

Listing your startup or business is very similar to the educational background and work experience portion of a resume. It should include the following:

  1. Name of the startup or business company
  2. Dates or duration period that you worked on said startup or business
  3. Position or role you played in the business. If you have multiple positions, you should only mention the one most relevant to the job you are applying for.
  4. List and describe skills utilized and gained in the business. Make sure they are relevant and catered to the job posting. Focus on traits and skills you can benefit from when working for your new chosen job. 
  5. Mention appropriate experiences acquired when working with your startup or business. Ensure that it fits the job you are applying for, and it is specific. Avoid narrating and including everything that transpired, as this can reduce interest in your resume.

However, you should not always include and mention your startups or businesses in your resume. If your business or startup is still running, you should not list it in any way. This can pose a red flag to recruiters or employers, implying you might leave their company if your current business becomes successful. Depending on what industry or business, your startup might also be seen as a competitor by these hiring companies. You should be able to answer possible queries regarding your business. Establish a consistent, precise, and logical reason why you applied for the job and did not pursue or continue the existing business.

More Tips

  • Mention the work and service you do in the business.
  • You do not need to put context on your startup or business information. This can be further explained, if asked, during the interview.
  • Do not deceive the employer and be as truthful as you can.


Mentioning in your resume the fact that you owned or managed a startup or business before has its pros and cons. It is generally helpful in backing up your skills and demonstrating your character when handling a business. It can also provide your resume with other work experience, especially if you lack one relevant to the job listing. Ensure that you only do this if the skills and experiences complement the job you are applying for. If not, this raises more questions and doubts about whether you are eligible and up for the job.

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