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We’ll get the answers from our friends like you.

We’ve been getting a ton of questions from people who want to learn more about the app. We can’t really answer most of them, but we do have an introduction.

To start off, getget360 has been a staple in our game-of-the-year competition since it was released last year. We were proud of our app, and it did well in both the overall competition and in our own game. The app was also voted one of the top games of 2012 by members of the Geekbench forums.

Our friends over at Gameslice have been keeping an eye on the app since it was released last year. We were happy with how it performed, and we were even more happy with how it performed in our own game. We even got a nice surprise when we beat out a friend and the other team got the top spot.

The game itself is pretty well written, but it’s a little bit too complex for my tastes. We really like the direction of the gameplay, and the story, but that’s about all we can say about it. The game is pretty simple, but the story is the real-world story. It’s a little too complicated and really slow, and it doesn’t seem that easy to make the story interesting, but the mechanics aren’t as amazing as the rest of the game.

It is a bit too complicated and its a bit too slow for me, but I don’t know about the rest of the team.

I like the direction of the content and the gameplay, but the story is pretty weak. It’s a bit too slow, too difficult, and not worth the effort.

The story of getget360 is pretty good. That said, it kind of feels like a game that’s been made for a niche audience. What’s more, I can’t really see the appeal of the story, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were pretty bad.

I mean, I love the gameplay. Its pretty rad. I love the story. Its a pretty cool game. But it just feels too slow for me. The story is just too slow. I dunno. I don’t know. I really like the game. But I think it could have been 10x better than it is.

Yes, the story is slow. Yes, the game is cool. But I feel that it could have been a lot better. But yes, I really do think that the story is not worth the effort. But I was just being honest. It just felt too slow.

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