6 Best Beach Hats To Keep You Covered In The Sun


Summertime is the time for a sizzling adventure. You’ll need a nice hat to keep you safe whether you’re going to the beach, exploring a new city, or simply relaxing outside in a lounge. Explore an amazing collection of comfortable and stylish hats at affordable prices using the Ounass Coupon Code. 

The best beach hats offer shade so you don’t have to worry about getting tanned or straining your eyes to enjoy the scenery. Here are the top 6 beach hats that we highly recommend for sun protection:

1. Eugenia Kim—Bunny Sun Hat in Woven Straw

Eugenia Kim’s Bunny sun hat, created for the contemporary traveler, mixes simple design with a touch of vintage elegance. Its wide-brimmed design is made of woven straw and is embellished with a matching ribbon band for a sophisticated yet chic accessory.

2. Gucci—Web Woven Straw Bucket Hat

With this summer hat from Gucci, costumes for the summer season will have more style. It is made of woven straw and features the brand’s renowned web stripes on the properly sized brim, reflecting the brand’s love of classic designs. Wear it with a flowing maxi dress and sandals on sunny days.

3. Artesano—Jacaranda Hat in Toquilla Straw

With the Jacaranda hat, an Artesano symbol receives a boho makeover. This hand-woven hat adds a comfortable elegance to casual outfits with its wide-brimmed boater style and expandable rubber chin buckle. The expandable band also ensures comfort by securing the inner crown of the design. Style with a small basket bag and an exquisite sundress on sunny days.

4. Jimmy Choo—Ondine Visor in JC Monogram Jacquard Silk, Modal & Raffia

The fashionable Ondine visor from Jimmy Choo will shield your face from the sun. It is expertly made in Italy and has a handwoven raffia peak and a silk-modal brocade strap that is adorned with the brand’s signature hardware bearing the JC logo.

5. Michael Kors—Karlie Hat in Straw

With the Karlie straw hat, Michael Kors fulfills the wish list of the contemporary sun lover. The iconic, handwoven silhouette of the design is heightened by a gold-tone logo embroidery and a thin leather ribbon, making this item a stylish must-have for sunny weather.

6. Gucci—Wide Brim Bow Hat in Straw Fabric

This wide-brimmed hat embodies the classic style of Gucci’s new Ouverture line. The traditional design of this Italian-made item is enhanced by a band with a complementing bow aesthetic. Wear it with beachwear or special event outfits to give them a polished look.

Rock Stylish and Comfortable Hats to Protect Your Skin

The benefits of being outside in nature are tremendous but due to the sun’s dangerous UV rays, the great outdoors does have certain drawbacks. Without sun protection, exposure to the sun can accelerate the aging process and potentially increase your risk of developing melanoma skin cancer.

Protecting oneself with sunscreen and a nice sun hat is the key to enjoying nature and the sun’s benefits without suffering harm. Sun hats are a necessity for any sunny-weather wardrobe. Get some high-quality ones at a discount using the Ounass Discount Code. 

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